Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall TV

Fall TV is in full swing! Some shows have already been canceled (Lone Star, My Generation, OutLaw, and The Whole Truth) and there haven't been any real major hits like last year's Glee and Modern Family, but there are about five shows that I truly enjoy. In no particular order, here they are:

1. The Event This show is like 24, LOST, and X-Files all rolled into one! The first episode absolutely intrigued me, and I made sure everyone I know was watching the second episode! The show is a mystery in that the audience only knows very little about each of the principle characters. It's been revealed that aliens landed in Alaska sometime in the 1940's and the government, or some super secret group, has been keeping them locked away from the public. The show has kidnappings, abnormal medical mysteries, terrorist threats, and government corruption. Whatever you like, this show has... good storyline included!

2. Raising Hope I love this show! It is hilariously funny and awkwardly funny all in the same half-hour. An eighteen year boy, Jimmy, knocks up a murderous hottie. She gets the chair, he gets the kid. He's raising his daughter, Hope, while living with his parents and great-grandmother. The dynamic of this family brings new meaning to young family comedy. The parents were young themselves when they raised Jimmy, so he's trying to learn from their mistakes in raising his own child... with them learning as well. It's sweet, funny, charming, and a must for your DVR!!

3. Hawaii Five-0 I didn't think I would like this show... but Scott Caan has made me a believer! The first two episodes were great in story line and visuals, but by the third it was starting to feel redundant in the crime department. I wish they would explore why the main character decided to stay in Hawaii, and maybe explore the supporting characters more too. The only reason I keep watching is the dynamic between Scott Caan and anyone else. He's great! And you should check it out at least once to see him.

4. The Defenders Jim Belushi makes this show great. There were two other new lawyer shows that started this season as well, and they have both been canceled. Why? Because they didn't have Jim Belushi. He plays a lawyer really well! His character is not just another swarmy lawyer, he cares about his clients and knows how to manipulate the law/jurors/judges to get what he wants. The storylines are nothing new, but the way The Defenders approaches them, specifically Jim Belushi's character, makes me keep this new show on my DVR.

5. Grey's Anatomy I know what you're gonna say, "This isn't a new show." Well... it kind of is this season! If you think about it, so much has changed from that first season: the cast, the writing, the storylines. Originally there were eight people shown in first casting picture. Three of those are gone, replaced by six new and dynamic characters. And I think that the writing has gotten better as well as the storylines (bye, bye weird ghost issues). Grey's Anatomy has been sort of a rollercoaster series, but one very much worth the ride! I feel like it has had new life breathed into it, and so I put it on my list of new favorites! It's my list, I can do what I want!