Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

Not only am I TV Nerd, I am somewhat of an Award Show Nerd! And Award Show season has begun!!

Last night was the Golden Globes and you've probably seen the articles about the best & worst moments... I'd like to do something different. All the winners give acceptance speeches; here is my acceptance of their acceptance!! ;)

Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook - You thanked your two brothers for being mean and also loving & supportive. I have an older brother and totally understood!! I may steal this when(never) I win an award!!

Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables - I loved what you said about Sally Field! And how you remembered your Princess Diaries beginnings! Better start working on next month's speech; I hope it's as good as this one!

Adele for her song "Skyfall" - I feel like you could be my alter (British) ego! I loved how you talked about your mommy night out and you and your friend were "pissing themselves" with all the people in the room. That would be me! Thank you for sharing your giddiness with the rest of us!!

Ben Affleck  for directing Argo - Good for you! So happy for you! Secretly hoping that whoever wins the Oscar just hands it over to you!!

Lena Dunham for Girls - next time wear a dress you can walk in; it was awkward watching you walk to the stage.  But I guess that's kind of the norm for you - watching you is almost always awkward! But I loved what you had to say and that you kept your word for thanking Chad Lowe.

Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln - I don't know anyone who talks like you. The words that you said to the writer... amazing.

Maggie Smith - you weren't there to accept; really wish Michelle Dockery could of accepted on your behalf! But congratulations for being awesome!!

Homeland people (the show, Claire Danes & Damian Lewis) - love your show. love you. you're amazing. goodnight!

-- Those are my thoughts on the night's winners. I really hope Fey & Poehler are back next year, they were amazing. Click here to see their full opening monologue, which I loved! SAG is in two weeks, see you then!!