Thursday, November 8, 2012

GLEE - back tonight!

The last time we saw Glee they broke up. All of them: Finn & Rachel, Kurt & Blaine, Santana & Brittany, Will & Emma? It almost felt like they broke up with us! In one of the best episodes ever they made you laugh and made you cry; but then they left for a month! Where did they all go? (Darn Baseball...)

Tonight they're back - including Mike & Mercedes (yay!) - but where do we pick up? How awkward will it be to see them again? Are we getting closure? Were we on a break? (yes, I realize this isn't Friends, couldn't help myself!)

I'm excited to see them again as they start the auditions for Grease... a great musical that I'm sure Glee will do great things with. I've heard next week's "Glease" episode is also good... I'm just glad they're back!!

Glee airs Thursday night on FOX, 9:00/8:00C

Monday, October 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time

October 22, 2012

Last night's episode of Once Upon a Time was another example of why I love this show!! Excellent story, excellent writing, excellent characters...

Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin is an awesome character - one of those bad guys that you tend to pull for once in awhile... and I love how he is the Beast from the Beauty and the Beast AND now with the addition of Captain Hook, Rumplestiltskin is the (tick-tock) crocodile! What a great spin on our beloved stories!!

And as much as I love the addition of characters I fear for less time for regulars: Snow White, Charming, Emma and Henry. This is the central (royal) family and I miss them when we don't see them as much. In regards to Snow & Emma - Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison play the mother-daughter relationship really interesting; I love seeing them stranded together and relying on each other as they learn more about each other. It will be interesting to see how Captain Hook adds to the dynamic - Colin O'Donoghue is now a series regular, and making his way to Storybrooke!

I'm expecting a really exciting season, and look forward to each Sunday night! Sunday night is a powerhouse night and the fact that this show is gaining viewers speaks to how amazing this show is!! Entertainment Weekly just did a full cover story on it - click here - or pick up a copy at the store! It has a lot of information and will get you ready for next Sunday night!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comedy Favorites: Friends & New Girl

I like comedies, they make me laugh!

But seriously, it's hard to like comedies - they either play it safe with typical and cliche jokes, or they try to push the envelope and can make things awkward!

My favorite comedy show of all time is FRIENDS - I grew up with that show. I remember my favorite lines and moments even without all the reruns! I have a few other comedies on my favorites list: The Cosby Show & Family Ties (but those are there for mainly nostalgia reasons); currently they include Modern Family & Happy Endings

But the one I really want to rave about is NEW GIRL!! I seriously laughed OUT LOUD at least five times during last night's show; not bad for a program running 23 minutes! Here are some of my favorite moments from last night:
"We'll be there with bells on! Dolla-dolla bells y'all"- Schmidt
Prank Sinatra
Jewish Peter Pan
"That's how she casseroles"
All those 80's sitcom impersonations!
Nick's pranks making Schmidt turn into an old man!

If you are not watching this show I highly recommend it! And if you are a fan of FRIENDS as well, TVGuide wrote this article that may get you on board!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Comedy Shows

I watched three new comedies since Tuesday: Ben & Kate (FOX), The Mindy Project (FOX), and The Neighbors (ABC)

I can describe both Ben & Kate and The Neighbors as weird, quirky, and hopeful! I really like the premise of Ben & Kate - with them as siblings and not a couple. Ben is a weird character but I like how Kate interacts with him; and the daughter (Maddie, played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones) brings the adorable factor! The writing is quirky and I loved how at the end Kate runs into the drums after putting her daughter to sleep; Friends would have said "come on" and Grey's Anatomy, "seriously" - I liked how these writers kept their voice unique with the interaction between Ben & Kate! That's also why I find this series hopeful... it should fit right in on a Tuesday night with New Girl and Raising Hope.

The Neighbors is more weird than quirky; the whole premise is not normal. A family moves into a community to find that all their neighbors are aliens with pro-athlete names. I'm not sure if this show will fit on Wednesday nights with The Middle and Modern Family - I like Happy Endings a whole lot better. One saving grace of this show may be the chemistry between Jami Gertz (from Still Standing) and Toks Olagundoye (who plays Jackie Joyner-Kersee) - they should build more off of their friendship.

My least favorite of these new comedies, though, is The Mindy Project - I can appreciate the humor and can understand the audience it's going after (Bridesmaids anyone?). But I think they need more supporting players rather than the randomness of the work friends and girlfriend. They just come and go and Mindy has to be in the room in order for them to be on the screen -- not sure if that will last long. Even though it's on FOX and may find an audience, I think some things need a little tweak before hitting their stride.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday's Review

Fall TV is back!!!

Thank goodness! TV Nerd is happy again!

Even though The Voice won the night, I was watching CBS. Here are my thoughts:

How I Met Your Mother, CBS - I've heard that this may be the last season so I'll probably watch it more! I watched this series when it first premiered, and watched Season 1... Since then I've been keeping up with it even if I don't watch it on a weekly basis. I love all the characters and writing is good. Not always consistent, but good. Viewers will most likely learn identity of Mother this season - which is why I started watching eight years!! Hopefully it'll be a good season!

Partners, CBS - new show, same concept as Will & Grace. I love Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), and he has great chemistry with Sophia Bush... but I'm not sure if this show will last. The writing was fast - not sure if they're trying to be like Aaron Sorkin -- at times it seemed too fast; but something wasn't clicking. It'll be interesting to see if this show lasts, or gets replaced with Big Bang Theory reruns.

2 Broke Girls, CBS - no second season slumps here. This isn't one of my favorites... but their voice is consistent (raunchy/heartfelt), chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs is obvious (the two went on a summer Europe trip together!) and story-line keeps things interesting. Not sure if I'll watch weekly, but will definitely keep up with it.

On the DVR - Revolution, NBC - have to wait to watch with the husband. But I enjoyed last week's series premiere; and I'll pretty much watch anything J.J. Abrams creates!