Thursday, November 8, 2012

GLEE - back tonight!

The last time we saw Glee they broke up. All of them: Finn & Rachel, Kurt & Blaine, Santana & Brittany, Will & Emma? It almost felt like they broke up with us! In one of the best episodes ever they made you laugh and made you cry; but then they left for a month! Where did they all go? (Darn Baseball...)

Tonight they're back - including Mike & Mercedes (yay!) - but where do we pick up? How awkward will it be to see them again? Are we getting closure? Were we on a break? (yes, I realize this isn't Friends, couldn't help myself!)

I'm excited to see them again as they start the auditions for Grease... a great musical that I'm sure Glee will do great things with. I've heard next week's "Glease" episode is also good... I'm just glad they're back!!

Glee airs Thursday night on FOX, 9:00/8:00C

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