Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday's Review

Fall TV is back!!!

Thank goodness! TV Nerd is happy again!

Even though The Voice won the night, I was watching CBS. Here are my thoughts:

How I Met Your Mother, CBS - I've heard that this may be the last season so I'll probably watch it more! I watched this series when it first premiered, and watched Season 1... Since then I've been keeping up with it even if I don't watch it on a weekly basis. I love all the characters and writing is good. Not always consistent, but good. Viewers will most likely learn identity of Mother this season - which is why I started watching eight years!! Hopefully it'll be a good season!

Partners, CBS - new show, same concept as Will & Grace. I love Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), and he has great chemistry with Sophia Bush... but I'm not sure if this show will last. The writing was fast - not sure if they're trying to be like Aaron Sorkin -- at times it seemed too fast; but something wasn't clicking. It'll be interesting to see if this show lasts, or gets replaced with Big Bang Theory reruns.

2 Broke Girls, CBS - no second season slumps here. This isn't one of my favorites... but their voice is consistent (raunchy/heartfelt), chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs is obvious (the two went on a summer Europe trip together!) and story-line keeps things interesting. Not sure if I'll watch weekly, but will definitely keep up with it.

On the DVR - Revolution, NBC - have to wait to watch with the husband. But I enjoyed last week's series premiere; and I'll pretty much watch anything J.J. Abrams creates!

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