Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Game of Thrones is the best TV Show right now...

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like Game of Thrones. Typically you either love it, or you're not even watching it. Which is lame. So if you're one of those few that are currently NOT watching this show - let me tell you why you need to start. Immediately.

The characters
This show has so many fantastic characters, it's hard to choose a favorite. And there's always that one character everyone loves to hate, until they get killed and you find a new person to loathe... Now, some people might complain that there are too many characters. Which I can understand at the beginning. But the show does a great job of keeping track of them all and getting viewers invested into their stories.

My top three favorite characters are Dani, Tyrion, and Jon Snow. With Arya & Sansa rounding out the top five. Some make the argument for Bran as a favorite, which as his story is developed I'm starting to like more & more. I will give a caution to new viewers: don't get too attached to characters. They may not last as long as you'd like!

The stories
Because there are so many characters, you get all sorts of stories. Romance, action, even a little science fiction & zombie action thrown in! You won't find any spoilers here, but I guarantee that if you're somebody who enjoys a good story - the saga that is Game of Thrones is amazing. But I will say, that if you haven't watched the show and someone tries to tell you about the Red Wedding, Jon Snow, or Hodor - run away! Don't let them spoil those must see moments!

Now even with amazing characters and the story that is told about them, there is something that Game of Thrones has that not many other shows has. It's this journey that you're on with the show: knowing that winter is coming, that what is dead may never die, and that all play the game of thrones. There's an end game that is happening and you see the characters work toward something, you're just not sure how or when. And that's what keeps bringing you back week after week, season after season. Hoping that you're favorite character stays alive, and trying to figure who will ultimately win the Game of Thrones!

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