Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer TV

What idiot starts a TV blog in the middle of summer?!? Oh yeah... me. Sorry for the hiatus, I'll be better now. Promise.

ABC has turned Monday Night into Date Night. Tonight is the return of Dating in the Dark (8/7c); a social experiment of how we judge each other in the dating process. It's actually not too bad of a show, an interesting concept that obviously did well enough in season one to bring it back. My one wish for this show is that they would update on the couples afterward. ABC's other dating show is the new Bachelor Pad (10/9c). This show has the rejects from the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows in a Big Brother type setting. It should bring all the hook-ups, break-ups, and drama of both shows, we'll see if it brings the ratings.

Speaking of Big Brother! This show is my summer guilty pleasure! I don't know why I love it, but I do! It's like watching a bad car wreck or something, you can't look away! This season is the year of the saboteur... which the contestants voted out in week 1. But... in good ole' Big Brother fashion, they're bringing back a saboteur for two weeks in the form of Ragan. I hope he does well... I like him and wouldn't want this to spoil his game! I'm on the "get rid of Rachel/Braden" bandwagon. Not just because they can be annoying at times, but because they're obviously a huge threat in the house. She keeps winning HOH and he keeps winning POV; that's a troublesome pair. One of them has got to go. I'm also not really a fan of the Brigade... they're gonna be trouble at some point. And not just for the rest of the house, for each other as well. I predict Matt is the first out of that alliance; his crazy little lies are going to catch up with him!

Summer TV is here now, but never fear - Fall TV is just around the corner! Most shows start back up in the first two weeks of September! Can't wait!!

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