Monday, June 21, 2010


The new show "Scoundrels" premiered last night on ABC, and we watched about 20 minutes of it. It wasn't that it was "that bad," there just wasn't anything great about the show.

The show opened with mom & dad being intimate, getting interrupted by the police with a search warrant for... something? I don't remember because I was too distracted trying to remember where I knew the police officer from. It's actor Carlos Bernard who played Tony on 24. Right... so now what are the police doing there?

Mom runs around to each child; well, the ones that are there. But she's not so much panicking as she is making sure everyone is there and putting on a smiling face. Almost like the boss is over for dinner and everybody better be on their best behavior. I didn't get it; if these people are on first name basis with the cops, why is she running around to put on a good impression?

Dad gets arrested for... something? And we meet twin #1. He looks nice, clean shaven. At home we meet twin #2, he's got long hair and a natty beard. Twin #2's hair looks really bad, so I was curious if it was the same actor doing double duty. Yep! According to IMDB Patrick John Flueger plays both twins. Lame.

There are also two daughters. The eldest is a blond with typical blond material. No originality there. The youngest is a familiar face from the later years of "Gilmore Girls." She is smart but doesn't go to school. She lies to her teacher and principal about having lupus, and the mother is just now finding out. This is the only character who I'm remotely interested in, but I know I'd have to watch all the other stuff to see what's going on with her, and I don't care that much.

Like I said, we turned it off after 20 minutes because there was just nothing there that grabbed us. I'm not sure what the ratings will say, but if the show doesn't pull in more than 4 million viewers I have a feeling I'm not the only one who won't miss this show.

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