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Can you believe it's the season finale of "Glee"?! And as I recall the events of the season, I remembered it's only the first season!! Although it did premiere last May, "Glee" made an unprecedented move and aired its' pilot after an "American Idol" at the end of last season. Then waited until September to start its' regular season. That was a gamble that payed off huge!

I have three sister-in-laws, and none of them watch "Glee." I feel like I've done a dis-service to not have them on the "Glee" bandwagon; I've somehow dropped the ball. So this article is for them, to convince them to join the nationwide "gleek" movement! A recap of sorts, and what I like most about this season's favorite show!

The music. What makes "Glee" stand-out among all the other shows? The music. The glee club sings every episode, at least three times each episode! Most of the songs you'll know; they sometimes add a song that you might not know, but that's ok. They're all good songs. And available on itunes the next day! So you can watch "Glee", then listen to it the rest of the week! Glorious!

The characters. Here's a list of characters and what you need to know about them going into the season finale:
*Mr. Will Schuester - the choral director of McKinley High's glee club, New Directions. He's newly divorced after his wife pulled a fake pregnancy stint earlier this season. He's been playing the field recently, but fan favorite is guidance counselor Emma.
*Coach Sue Sylvester - the cheerleading coach who is out to get the glee club's budget for her trophy winning cheerleaders. She tries each episode to get either the kids off their singing game, or Mr. Schuester in trouble so that the club will be disbanded. But she's oddly like-able, and easy has the best lines of the show!
*Rachel - the diva of the New Directions. She's dated Finn, Puck, and most recently Jessie, the lead of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. Rachel also just recently discovered that her biological mother is the director of Vocal Adrenaline; she's been raised by her two gay dads who we won't meet until maybe next season.
*Finn - sport jock who likes to sing. He first dated Quinn until he realized that he isn't Quinn's baby daddy (Puck is), and still has feelings for his latest ex-girlfriend, Rachel. Finn is also dealing with the new relationship his single-mom is having with Kurt's single dad.
*Kurt - just as much of a diva as Rachel, but not as well accepted in the McKinley High population. He and his best friend, Mercedes, recently joined the Cheerios (the cheering squad) to try to be more accepted - some days it works, some days it doesn't. I guess it depends on if it's "Gaga Week" or not!
*Mercedes - best friend is Kurt; she recently quit the Cheerios because she didn't like the hierarchy of the school status system. She likes to help people, recently offering a room to Quinn for her baby drama.
*Quinn - dated Finn, but got pregnant by Puck. Her parents kicked her out for her "situation" and she was living in Puck's house until Mercedes offered her a better living situation. The baby is supposed to arrive this season finale!
*Puck - jock who joined New Directions to be closer with Quinn; but he also likes to play the field. He's the BA of the group, but can show his heart sometimes too.
*Artie - wheelchair bound student who is dating...
*Tina - goth/Asian girl who can sing!
*Santana & Brittany - the "other" girls in the glee club. They joined on orders from Coach Sue to infiltrate the club, but have since admitted that they love singing. They both like the boys, a lot. They're both pretty quiet unless Santana says something mean or Brittany says something stupid. (My favorite line "did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?")

The characters are all pretty great. Even the "evil" Sue Sylvester has a heart as more layers of her character are revealed. You get invested in each of their lives, and though they might not be featured every episode, when they are it's like catching up with friends. There are no mysteries you have to remember about each one, just little dramas that are sometimes familiar, depending on where you fell in the high school hierarchy.

So please watch tonight! In the finale, "Journey," we go to Regionals where New Directions face their rival Vocal Adrenaline. Quinn is due to have her baby, and Coach Sue is of course scheming something! Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban are set to appear as themselves.

Join the "Glee" bandwagon! Buy the itunes songs! And get your gleek on!

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