Monday, June 7, 2010

What's On Tonight? Monday, June 7

Summer season is upon us! The shows that might not do so well during the regular season can find a home during the summer. CBS is offering reruns of their highly popular Monday night comedies, so if you missed the hilarity of "How I Met Your Mother" or "The Big Bang Theory," now's your chance. Here are your other options:

Last Coming Standing (8/7c, NBC) New host, Craig Robinson, introduces us to the new batch of comics in the seventh year of this funny competition.

The Bachelorette (8/7c, ABC) There are 14 guys left to court Ali; by the end of the two hours only 11 will be left. Special guest appearance by the Barenaked Ladies.

Lie to Me (8/7c, FOX) The sophomore season picks-up after a hiatus since December. It's definitely a ratings challenged show, although it has been picked up for next season.

Secret Life of the American Teenager (8/7c, ABC Family) In the third-season opener, "Do Over" is about birth control, lies, and relationships.

The Good Guys
(9/8c, FOX) Tonight the detectives follow vintage cars thieves in this "Bait & Switch" episode.

Little People, Big World (8/7c) Two episodes fill the hour: "Dwarfs in Space" and "Molly's Sweet Sixteen."

The Cake Boss
(9/8, TLC) The boss makes a cake for the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, also his youngest son wants an ice-cream cake for his birthday.

True Beauty (10/9c, ABC) In "The Secret" contestants are tempted to give up the secret of Penn & Teller magic trick.

Persons Unknown (10/9c, NBC) This is the pilot episode about strangers brought together under mysterious terms. It's written by Christopher McQuarrie of "The Usual Suspects." Yes, please.

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