Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kate Plus 8

She's back! Kate Gosselin and her gaggle of children!

The new TLC show "Kate Plus 8" (starting tonight at 9/8c) stars the newly single mom with her eight children. The new show is basically the same as the old "Jon and Kate Plus 8", just without Jon. We'll see the sextuplets celebrate their birthday (they're turning 6!), a trip to Florida, and the daily life of the popular family.

I'm guessing people will tune in... I'll let you know the ratings if/when I see them. It seems people watch this show like they watch a car-wreck. You have to slow down and see the madness. I watch the show, but not at the first airing; I usually catch a rerun during the week. And I like seeing the kids; having only three kids I'm amazed at watching Kate taking care of 8! The series is a bit different now with the kids in school most of the days: we get more trips & extravagant day-trips than the everyday, "at-home" struggles.

But the show is back after "production struggles" - a lot of legal mess dealing with Jon and the use of kids in front of the camera. There are two shows on tonight. The first hour at 9/8c is the birthday episode "6th Birthday Surprise", and the next one at 10/9c is "Inside Kate's World," where I wonder if we'll get to see any of Kate's "Dancing With the Stars" stint.

This is the first of Kate's shows; her next "A Twist of Kate" should premiere sometime this year.

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