Friday, June 4, 2010

What's the Point?

So I've been writing for three days, and I want to clarify the blog's purpose.

I am a TV Nerd. I enjoy reading about TV shows, their ratings, and even their plot/character developments. I also find it interesting how networks program the shows. For example, next fall CBS is moving "Survivor" from Thursday nights to Wednesday nights at 8pm, and putting two comedies in its' spot ("Big Bang Theory" and "$#*! My Dad Says") to rival NBC's comedy hour. This intrigues me, and I'm interested to see if this move helps CBS with their current domination of the networks (they are currently No. 1!).

So this blog is to share with the world my thoughts on TV shows, why I think they work... or don't work. I'll let you know about new shows coming out, or old shows returning. You'll read about TV show ratings and viewership, but I'll try to keep that stuff to a minimum 'cause I think I'm the only one who really likes to read about that stuff! I probably won't do many recaps of shows, there are plenty of other websites writing about every detail of last night's favorite shows. This blog is a different take: what TV shows are on, and why I think you should be watching them. I hope you enjoy!

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